FAQ 1: Can lottery software automatically download lottery drawing numbers?
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(FAQ 1)
Can lottery software automatically download lottery drawing numbers?

YES! The use of this lottery software program - The Lottery Picker™ 2018

Can lottery software automatically download lottery drawing numbers?

YES! "The Lottery Picker™ 2018"2018 has the ability built in to check for & download & install all new or past Powerball & Mega Millions lottery drawing numbers.

When you first install the program, it is set to automatically check for past Powerball & Mega Millions lottery drawings.  if it finds any, it presents you with the list (can be any number of past drawings).  It will give you the option of downloading & installing them.  You may turn off the automatic feature if you like and enter them all by hand.  Also, there is a timer feature (called: "Start Auto Refresh" above in the photo), if it's time for a drawing you can set the timer to say; 1 minute intervals and it will continuously check each 1 minute until the drawing is found and download.  You can continue doing what you were doing and the program will alert you with a sound.
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More about: Can lottery software automatically download lottery drawing  numbers?

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