TLP FAQ 20 - Can I calibrate the printer alignment when printing my lottery Play-Slips?
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(FAQ 20) - Can I calibrate the printer alignment when printing my lottery Play-Slips?

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Can I calibrate the printer alignment when printing my lottery Play-Slips?

Each States Play-Slips are programmed into the program one-at-a-time Specifically for that State.  When you install "The Lottery Picker 2018¬©", and your State is listed in the Print Windows list of States, you should not need to change any settings. 

However, due to the fact that there are so many different kinds of printers and drivers that make them work, some printers and their drivers interpret the input differently and thus the output is not the same as the desired printed results obtained on the printer used for testing this program.  In this case, some adjustments may be made.

I have added an option to adjust the off-set of printing from top-to-bottom and left-to-right for each section of the Play-Slip for each State that is programmed into the program.  Find this setting under Tab 3 of the Settings Window.

Help on these settings can be found in the help files located within the program.


NOTE ALSO:  The Play Slips sometimes (more often than not) vary in the way they are cut and the way they are printed.  With this in mind, after making changes to the Printer Off-Sets as listed above, print several Play Slips to find a happy medium between the off-set values and the variations of the play slips.

Reset Settings to Default: If you get your settings so out of whack that you can't get your printing even close.  You can click this button and restore the Print Settings for the selected State back the way they were when you first installed the program.

Section Spacing:
Space between each section or play block.:
Lowering this number (i.e. -100 to -110.6 ) will move each printed section closer together. In contrast, raising the number will add more space between each printed play section. See below for information on lowering and raising negative numbers.

Slip Numbers:
This was new for 2013 -
When printing the Play-Slips, a number is printed on the top of each slips in numerical order beginning with 1 so you can reference this set of numbers later when checking the numbers or re-printing some Play-Slips.
Font Size: Allows you to select the size of the number that are printed onto the top left corner of the slips.
Font Color: Allows you to select a color for the numbers that are printed onto the upper left corner of each slip.
H-Align & V-Adjust: Allows you to position the exact location that the Play-Slips numbers will be printed on your States play-Slips so they are not printed over anything that is already on the slips.  H-Align will move the number left or right and V-Adjust will move the number up or down on the slips.  Remember that negative values can be entered by using a minus sign like -21

PowerPlay Box:
PowerPlay Box:
Changing these values will adjust the Horizontal & Vertical alignment of the printed PowerPlay Blocks on the Play-Slip.  NOTE:  Not all States have the PowerPlay option.  If this is the case for your State then you will not see this setting.

PayOut Choices Box:
PayOut Choice Box: This Settings only show for some States. Thus your State may show this setting and it may not. 
These States may require you to choose your jackpot payoff preferences before you buy your ticket.  This is where you adjust the alignment for the printed blocks for this setting.

Slip Number Box:
Slip Number Box: When the Play-Slips are printed, the Slip number being printed is now printed onto the each Play-Slip.  Using these settings, the user can align where on the Slip the number is printed.  NOTE: Always looking at the Slip upside-down when making these settings. (H)-Positive numbers move the printed number to the left, (V)-A positive number moves the printed number up.  Negative numbers have the reverse effect.

Export Settings: (BLUE BUTTONS)
This button will Export all your printer settings into a file in your "My Documents folder" for safe keeping.  This good to use just before upgrading.

Import Settings: (BLUE BUTTONS)
If you have saved an Exported file as listed above then this button will Import all your printer settings from a file in your "My Documents folder" back into the program for the State you are using. This good to use just after upgrading.

White Balls:
Block Size:
This adjust the height and width of the Printed Blocks for the White Balls, Multi-Play Blocks, and the PowerPlay Block if your State supports PowerPlay.
Alignment: This adjust Horizontal & Vertical alignment of ALL printed White Balls.
Spacing: This adjust Horizontal & Vertical Spacing of ALL printed White Balls.

Money Balls:
Block Size:
This adjust the height and width of the Printed Blocks for the Power Balls, and Multi-Play Blocks.
Alignment: This adjust Horizontal & Vertical alignment of ALL printed  Power Balls.
Spacing: This adjust Horizontal & Vertical Spacing of ALL printed Power Balls.

Multi-Play Boxes:
Alignment: This adjust Horizontal & Vertical alignment of ALL printed Multi-Play Blocks.  In the example to the left is the settings for South Carolina.  This States slips have two rows of Multi-Play Blocks, so you see two vertical settings.  One is the Vertical adjustment for the top row (V Top), the other is for the bottom row (V Bottom).  The H Adjust setting moves both rows left or right.  On States that have only one row of Multi-Play Blocks, you will only see two settings here.
This adjust Horizontal Spacing of ALL printed Power Ball Blocks. (see C & D above)


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