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Re-printing Powerball play-slips or,
reprinting Mega Millions play-slips.

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News: May 22, 2012 - With this new version of The Lottery Picker,
comes the ability to Re-Print certain Play-Slips from a batch of
slips that were previously printed.  Read more on the initial Play-Slip printing here.

Play-Slips sometimes (more often than not) vary in the way they are cut and the way they are printed.  To verify this, take a few Slips and stand them on there ends tapping them until all bottoms are even and touching the table.  Notice that some of the tops are cut to different lengths.  This length difference isn't too much but considering that the blocks are so close together on the slips and that this program prints the Slips in exactly the same place each and every time, you may need to re-print a slip or two. (Some of my customer print more than 300 slips at a time, so coding into the program the ability to re-Print slips that were cut short/long was a vital and a much needed function of this program).

These production flaws may sometimes make it necessary to re-print some slips.  Say you printed 500 Play-Slips and eight slips didn't print so well (I have customers that print this many and more).  You would need to re-print just these Slips and not the others... The Lottery Picker can NOW do just that!


This is the (Powerball) Print Window for South Carolina after printing the Play-Slips.
Your print windows may look differently according to the State & Game you have selected. To see what your State looks like in this window, Look Here.


After printing your Play-Slips, you will notice a new GREEN button on the window as show within the red circle to the left.

Clicking this Green "Re-Print?" button will setup the print window for re-printing certain Slips as shown below.



Each Play-Slip printed with this program is numbered in the top left hand corner of the slip.  This number makes it easy to identify and select which Play-Slip needs to be Re-Printed and can be selected from the check-boxes as shown below.

At this point, two buttons are disabled on the window.  The main "Print" button (bottom of window) & the new "Re-Print My Selections" print button (upper part of window).

The new "Re-Print My Selections" print button will become active as soon as you check one of the check-boxes of the slip numbers you wish to reprint.  The main "Print" button will stay disabled as long as you are in this "RE-PRINTING" mode until you click the "DONE" button.

The Slips you first printed are shown in the white box on the left side with the corresponding number of the Play-Slip shown in RED.

To Re-print one or more slips, Check the check-boxes with the same number as the slip number you wish to re-print.  The Slips you first printed have a number on each of them in the upper left corner.

This photo shows that the user has decided to re-print Play-Slips 8, 17, & 20. Also notice "in red" that the number of play-slips needed is now 3.

Notice that the Green "Re-Print My Selections" print button has become active once the user selected a slip to re-print.  If you uncheck all the boxes the button will become disabled again until you select another box.

To Re-Print the selected Slips, simply click the Green "Re-Print My Selections" print button.

If clicked here, the Slips 8, 17, & 20 would be reprinted with the corresponding Slip Number printed onto the top left of the Play-Slips

Once you are done, click the "DONE" button to return back to regular Print Mode shown below.



Once you have finished re-printing & clicked the "DONE" button shown above, you will be returned back to regular Print Mode shown here.

Notice the Green "Re-Print?" button is still active.  This will stay active and you may still return to Re-Print Mode until you make any changes to the numbers that you first printed. 

Once you make a change (as shown below), you will not be able to Re-Print until you print the Play-Slips again.

Notice "in red" that the number of play-slips needed has now been updated to the original number of slips incase the user wants to re-print all the slips again..



In this photo the user has decided not to print the number 04,09,32,34,49,06 and has thus unchecked it as shown to the left.

Notice that once the user made a change to the original printed numbers that the Green "Re-Print?" button has been removed from the window.

To Re-Print again, you must first print all the selected numbers then the Green "Re-Print?" button will return.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK ABOUT THIS NEW FEATURE (LIKES, DISLIKES) AT or, by using the RED BETA Feedback button located in the program.



(Mega Millions Print Window bottom) The settings are similar to the Powerball Print Window.

Since each State is coded into the program individuality one-at-a-time,  The Lottery Picker comes to you already calibrated and setup to print your States Play-Slips.  However, due to the fact that there are so many different kinds of printers and drivers that make them work.  Your printing may not line up exactly right on the play slips and may need some final adjustment.  I have added an option to adjust the off-set of printing from top-to-bottom and left-to-right. Read about this here. or find this setting under Tab 3 of the Settings Window.