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Have There Ever Been Repeated Powerball or Mega Millions Lottery Drawings?

YES: Do ever wonder you if the numbers you pick have ever been drawn before?

Is there anyway to find out if the same combination of numbers have ever been drawn twice?

YES!  If you click the button in the middle of the window titled; [Find Complete Row matches in all past Drawings], It will display in the Results box (Big White Box On The Left) any complete row matches that have been drawn more than once within the lottery database which is shown in this photo below.  The Power Play (Powerball) / Megaplier (Mega Millions) balls are excluded and not considered when this search is performed.  Any complete row lottery number that is found to be drawing more than once, will be displayed on the left RESULTS box along with the dates of the drawings.

Also, You can check all of your own numbers you have saved (called "Keepers") against the entire lottery database or any range of the database to see of any of them have been drawn before you play them.  To learn more about how to do this, read about how to Checks Powerball & Mega Millions Tickets.  That is where you would do it and it only takes a second!

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