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How do I Change From Mega Millions to Powerball & Vice Versa?

How do I change from Powerball to Mega Millions & vice versa?

Changing from Powerball to Mega Million and vice versa is quite easy as seen just below.  Here, the current game in play (Mega Millions) is displayed in a Red & Blue button in the top Right corner of the screen .  To switch to Powerball, press F7 or, on the menu bar click Lottery, Select Game, and choose the game you want to play as shown below.  Using the function keys F7 and F8 or clicking the button shown above are the quickest ways to switch from Powerball to Mega Millions and vice virsa

Once you change games you will see some changes. The box in the top right corner of the screen has changed to reflect the game you are now playing.  To read more on this feature, CLICK HERE

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