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What does the option; "Most drawn numbers Complete Row:" do?

Use The Lottery Picker™2024 to find the most drawn Powerball or Mega Millions numbers in each column for any drawing date in history!

What does the option; "Most drawn numbers complete row:" do?

This option will generate a row of numbers for you to play based on the most drawn balls of each column.

Looking at the Main window in the example below,  the user has selected "10th" form the Drop-Down ListBox of the option; "Most drawn numbers complete row:" as shown.  In return, the program has generated a set of numbers based on the "10th" most drawn balls of each column and the resulting numbers from the calculation is show in Green.  If you wanted to play that number all you would have to do is click-it and it would be added to the "Keeper Box", which is where all your saved numbers and files reside.

Example: if you wanted to calculate a set of numbers to play that was the "5th" most drawn balls in each row, you would select "5th" from the list box shown.  If you wated the 1st. or "The Most Draw" numbers you would select 1st from the list.

Using the same logic with this function, you can also select the least drawn balls from each column.  It will go from the most drawn balls down to the least drawn.

 Ideally, you would want to mix and match selections from this and the other many ways of generating numbers from known past drawn winning numbers in this powerful lottery software.  Now with Smart Picker Technology

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