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Version: 21.2.5
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Version 21.2.5

What does the option; "Numbers drawn most each column" do?

Use The Lottery Picker™ 2024 to select the numbers drawn most (or least) per column for any range of drawing dates.

Have you ever wondered; what are the most drawn balls for Powerball? or, what are the most drawn balls for Mega Millions? Or, what Powerball numbers have never been drawn? Or, What Mega Millions numbers have never been drawn?  Or least drawn Powerball or Mega Millions numbers?

Find most drawn lottery numbers for EACH COLUMN

What does the option "Numbers drawn most each column" do?

The Drop-down Box shown in the lower right of the photo above as (#1.), list columns 1 through 5 and the Powerball (or Mega Ball) column depending on which game you are playing.  If you select a column from this box, the program will calculate how many times each ball has been drawn from the selected column and display them in (#2.) the White Results Box on the left the order of - balls drawn most first.

For example:  As shown above,  the user has clicked on column 3.  On the left you can see the results of the calculation.  Ball #32 has been drawn 16 times in the 3rd. column since 10/7/2015 and Ball #37 has been drawn 13 times and so on...  The date range for which the calculation is based on is changeable by the user.

In this example, balls that are not listed here have never been drawn in the third column.  Use this option to find out what the hot balls or cold balls are for each column of numbers including the Powerball & Mega Millions Ball.

The correct way to read the output shown above is:
#32 was drawn exactly 16 times in column 3.  (i.e.) the First number is the ball number, the Second number is how many times it was found in the selected column...  This is sorted in the order of most drawn balls at the top.

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