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(FAQ 2)

What does top option;
"Average #'s from the last x Drawings" do?

Use The Lottery Picker™ 2018 to get the AVERAGE numbers from each column for any range of past lottery drawings (Powerball or Mega Millions) with just the click of a mouse...

What does the top option; "Average #'s from the last - Drawings" do?

Selecting a number from this box (1) will make the program generate an average set of numbers for this many Powerball & Mega Millions lottery drawings (the number you select) back from the current drawing.  The number generated will appear in the white results box on the left side (Shown in the BLUE Circle).  If you wish to play this number, just click it, and it will be added to your keeper list (your saved numbers).

So what has happened on this window is the user has decided to generate a row of numbers which are the average numbers for each column for the last "9" drawings.  The results of the generation is now located within the BLUE Circle below.  If the user wants to play this number they just generated, they would click it and they would be placed in their Keeper box just below which is saved with a file name of their choice.

Actually this Drop-down List Box does the same exact thing as would happen if you clicked on a number in the Large Right side white box (the lottery database of the currently selected game).  For an explanation of this look here.  This Drop-down List Box (#1) contains the total number of rows contained in the Right Large white box (the lottery database).  Clicking on a number in this Drop-down List Box will highlight the same row in the Right Large white box (the lottery database) and perform this action.

There are two ways of knowing how many drawings back you have selected for the average generation.  Each is shown in the blow-up's below. 

  • The First is listed in the status bar at the bottom of the window which is the third from the left (shown below which says "9 Selected").
  • The second way is the Drop-down ListBox (box #1) that was just selected.

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