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User feedback & reviews of the worlds best lottery software, The Lottery Picker© 2018 for Powerball & Mega Millions

I have used The Lottery Picker, for over 7 years, and will tell you it's the best program out there for my lottery pool needs. I have purchase 4-6 lottery programs over the years and The lottery Picker, out performs all of them. I manage a lottery pool of over 70 plus members and it has features that assist in providing our winning tickets and how much we won. We play 400-500 MM tickets and 200-250 PB tickets so we win something every time we play. I can print or copy the results and email all members showing the winning numbers with our winning tickets and dollar value of each ticket and total value of our winning tickets. This program has the superior capability to print your selected numbers to the betting slips. Try sitting at the kitchen table with 400 selected numbers and marking 80 betting slips by hand and ensuring you make no mistakes. This program prints to the betting slips (400 numbers 80 betting slips) within 20 minutes.
When developing these hundreds of lottery numbers this program help me decide what numbers were drawn most or least by any date range I selected, and in what position they came in. (Why play the number 16 in the 3rd 4th 5th position if it never has been there before.) The developer of this program has accepted most of my recommend suggestions for product improvement, and he may accept your suggestions if they will improve the program for most everyone. Again this is the best software product in helping those who play more than a few tickets.

Richard Beatty, Florida

Review by Download3k
Review Date:
Updated: 16 Jun 2015
Downloads: 24,423 (19 last week)

The Lottery Picker is a US-based lottery app that makes it easy to gamble on the lottery with the new Powerball and Mega Millions special features. The program has a smart picker technology. Past lottery numbers are accessed to see if the odds can be improved by seeing what patterns and repeating numbers have shown up in past lottery draws. The software is perhaps at its best when playing lots of numbers in a given draw rather than just a small handful.

The Lottery Picker Key Features:
• Play the US lottery
• Play the Powerball and Mega Millions games
• See what numbers have come up frequently in past draws
• Run many lottery tickets easily

The Lottery Picker is a US-based lottery management program to help lottery players get more out of the lottery in their state.

Requirements: Minimum 1 GHz processor, 512 MB Ram

What's new in this version: Redesigned for new Mega Millions, updated for Powerball | 16 Jun 201

The speed is amazingly fast...
Separating the number sets in groups of 5 is a great feature...
Have not fully explored all the features but will shortly...
The best lottery program on the web, and I have most of them...

Richard Beatty, FL

Here is the version I have I copied it and pasted it here.
I have NOT tried to print play slips for Powerball nor Mega Millions.

But, I do have a story to tell using your software. One week ago on January 7th, I used your software to create my keepers list of numbers, as I usually do, and surprising to me I won $180.00, that was with the help of the multiplier. I read testimonials about others who have won and I didn't think it could have happened for me. Well it did!! Thank you for your web-site and the software contained within.
Thanks again,

William (Tony) Haupt, VA

Just purchased Lotterypicker 2010 as a download.  Installed perfectly! Love it, thanks for the great work. You have done a tremendous amount of work to accomplish what the program can do and I am very pleased and impressed.  Also I have been talking the program up to friends; you will get some more sales out of these conversations.  Brilliant!!!!
Thanks again for all your good work; playing with your program is a hoot!
You’re my Buddy!!

William Jamnicky, AR
The newly added view/ print features is the best for lotto pools that purchase large volume of tickets.

I can now view/ print winning rows related to playing slip number and email to all players, showing only the wining numbers/tickets and the dollar value won, from the 500/600 numbers played.
Big Plus for my lotto pool members.


Using this system has brought my confidence back
Last drawing I used 10 sets of numbers and I won 7.00, This drawing although I didn't hit the jackpot I won 200.00 off of 6 sets of numbers. The Lottery picker Is 4 Real And I'd encourage Anyone 2 Try It.

Brandon Douglas, LA

Absolutely Amazing! I got this program about 2 to 3 weeks ago. I played with it for a day or two then decided to give it a shot. I picked 20 sets of numbers. Later the next day I went to the store...was running later...didn't have time to go to the bank and get cash and all I had was I played the first 10 sets of numbers. The next day I went to check if I had won. Guess what happened??? If I had played the next 5 sets of numbers on my list...if I had only 5.00 more dollars, I would have won the Jackpot of 140,000,000 in NC!!! I was SICK!!! No one ended up winning that drawing so I tried again. Some lucky couple, only 30 minutes from me won it!! The whole Jackpot!! Needless to say, I will make the time from now on to have my cash ready and play all my numbers in hopes of having the opportunity to win the big one! Great program...only one thing wrong....Please Add the CASH 5 to the program!! LOL

Elizabeth Coats, NC

Bought the software several weeks ago. Played around with it for a few hours. Picked a few numbers, played them the next drawing. Didn't win anything. The following drawing I forgot to buy tickets. Of course if I had bought the numbers I had chosen, I would have won $180.00. I will continue to use your software, and hopefully win big soon.
Great product!

Dave Clubb, OH

After resetting The Lottery Picker, I had it pick 10 numbers also my little brother. was here I asked him to go buy my numbers Powerball. He asked me if he could use The Lottery Picker too and I agreed. He picked 5 numbers. Well the next day went to the store as he not saved his numbers in The Lottery Picker, but I did save my numbers. So as he left, I checked my numbers, I won 35.00 and at lest I won my money back. A few minutes went by and Rickard Whiteker my little brother came in, dancing a jig, ha, ha, saying I just won $30,000.00 as the PowerPlay was 3 Wow! So, now he is getting a computer and buying The Lottery Picker (grin) but I wish that I got the next 5 numbers instead of my Little brother, then I would be $30.000.00 richer! ha, ha, ha.

Stephen Cunningham, OK

What a awesome program. At first I tell you the truth, I really thought this was like all other programs I have used in the passed. I was mostly just testing your software out. If I would have played August 15th 2009 I would have won the Jackpot for the Powerball.
The number was 14-15-26-32-36 Ball 12. This would have been 200 million. I am still in shock from this. The next draw was on Wed. the 19th. Someone from South Carolina won the 259 Million. All I can say is. I will be playing your program from this day forward. Thanks again for making my a believer. Brian Hall from North Carolina.

Brian Hall, NC

This is unbelievable. I'm still in shock. I'm working overseas now. I can't connect my personal computer to a network here. I had to update my software manually which I done on the 24th of May. When I did I'm still shocked. There were some numbers I had it select for me back in March 2008. Once I got overseas I forgot about the program because like I said there is no network connection. When I decide to go to my state website on the office computer and print a copy of the April and the May drawings and loaded them, the computer started to make loud sound after completion. I strolled to the top to see what I had won. I looked and oh my God. For the month of May, bam bam. I won 3 May 08 for 179,000,000.00 and 7 May 08 15,000,000.00, 10 May 08 400,000.00, 17 May 08 40,000.00, 21 May 08 312.00, 24 May 08 200.00, and 28 May 08 14.00 dollars. Folks this the God honest truth. I won and I love this program. Now I manually kept it up to date by hand. I'm just so sad that I didn't play these numbers I had it select. I'm just shocked, really still shocked. I will be so glad to get back state side.

9/4/2013 - User requested name be withheld, NC

Hello, this use to be something I had to do by hand: finding the most or least probable number(s). This seems to be, by far a much better way, I hope everything pans out...

thank you..
Michael Trujillo, NE

I've purchased the PB&MM software and am very pleased with your quick and smooth way of doing business. The purchase and delivery was flawless. I'm excited by the possibilities.
Thanks a Million,
Alex PS
I sincerely appreciate your generosity of the free one year updates.  I've used several Powerball programs but none come close to the accuracy and user friendliness of Lottery Picker.  I've won a tad over 8k with the program.
Lottery Picker is one of my most used programs.  I shoot lots of skeet and trap.  Being without Lottery Picker is akin to going to the range without any ammo.
Rest assured I will get on the forum at your site to tell others the power of Lottery Picker.
R. H. FitzGerald

Hi Mark  Thanks for setting up a wonderful program I won $35 on my first try.  Can't wait to hit the big one.

Claude Reaves, NC

Hello and thanks for a great program.  I used to spend hours trying to develop my own algorhythms and your program does that.  I have won several $21 prizes and a couple of $28 prizes since buying your program on December 8, 2007.  Keep up the good work...I'm going to win a big one with your program!  :)

Wendell Condict, OK

this product is great I have won several small amounts. waiting on the big one. I know it will be soon thanks for making this available.

G Jones NC



Hey...just wanted to thank you again for your great software. We started with you guys in 2006. The ability to import numbers from Excel is worth the cost of the software to our pool. It saves us enormous amounts of time over preparing the numbers manually. (We use an Excel spreadsheet to manage and pick the numbers.) In 2006 our best night was $321 and we were one number away from winning $600,000! We didn't win quite as much total in 2007 as we did in 2006 - but we did have eight straight weeks of winning nights - a pool record for us. We keep a Blog for our pool and other interested parties. I've also placed a link to The Lottery Picker on the right hand side of our blog links "Great Ticket Printing Software". Our blog:
Thanks again, I really appreciate what your software does for our pool!

John Oathout, OK

I have tried many programs free and not so free, but McCracken is the best yet.  I would be interested to know why you developed the program

Winfred Dennis, GA

Thank you Winfred.
I started writing the program to have a means of checking my numbers.  When I play the lottery, sometimes I play a few hundred numbers.  It takes a lot of time to check all the numbers for winning combinations, and when I’m done checking them, I’m not so sure that I haven’t missed some.  So the initial concept of the program was to have a way to check my numbers accurately, and quickly.  Then I had it to total the winnings.  Also I figured since my numbers were already in the program why not have it print the play-slips too.  The one thing led to another and 70 modifications later we have the Lottery Picker.  The Lottery Picker 2018 v13 is just around the corner.  Thanks for thanking the time to send the positive feedback it is appreciated.

I was looking for some lottery software that's out there that would work good with lottery pools and, that i could use with my Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets and ran across The Lottery Picker.  So I decided to to give it a try as I wanted to use it in combination with Excel.  The pool did however, graciously follow my recommendation and purchase this reasonably priced software package for its powerful printing capabilities: The Lottery Picker© 2018 v13  I highly recommend it. The author of the software has even made it more perfect for our needs as a pool because now you can import Excel files into the program.  With that one addition, I've saved many hours in number preparation and ticket printing.   Previously the spreadsheet would generate our number sets, I'd have to print that out, then manually type in all of the number sets - one number at a time.  I hated that part of the numbers preparation.  No more!  Now The Lottery Picker just sucks in the file and I'm ready to print tickets.  That's awesome!  THANK YOU LOTTERY PICKER!

This is an AWESOME product!! I have had it only 2 weeks and already have won more money than the entire YEAR that I was picking my own numbers. No huge amounts yet....but I'm very optomistic for the future.

Juli Abalos, OH

btw   I have won several times with your program, the biggest being 400.00 and several smaller ones, I am very satisfied with this program.

Donald Hollister, NC

Love the lottery picker.  I manage a pool for my friends and co-workers.  Lottery Picker is a time saver for me.  It does everything as claimed.  I really enjoy checking our 50+ numbers, within 2 seconds if I hear and see a flashing button, I know I have a winning number.

Dan Huffman, OH


Your system is unbelievable. Cant wait to win the big one and give credit to you. Look at the Mega drawing last night, and then go to your Stats and Analyzation page......... All the numbers are their in the most frequent drawings first 11 lines except 22........  I got 3 of the 5 + the Mega ball 20. Can't retire yet, but its a start.........  keep up the good work...............

Don Fatzie, MD

BTW, last Saturday I won $100 (no x3) using your software! Thanks, I Look forward to winning BIG with your software!!  Feel free to use this in your testimonies!

Maurice Ray, MD

I just bought a new computer with Vista. I need to be allowed 1 download to put it on this computer. You were right, your program does work with vista. Several lotto programs said they worked with vista, but they didn't. so far yours is the only one that really does.

Gary Parnell, TX

 You have outdone yourself. If you remember some months ago I asked you if you would consider adding to your program the ability to list how many times each ball had been drawn totally regardless of each row. Well my friend you have taken it past anything I could have imagined. WELL DONE !!!
  There is no doubt in my mind you now have the best lottery software on the market. As you know I have wasted large amounts of money on other lottery software in the past so I have a good knowledge of what's available. With the customer support you have always given to your customers you were number 1 in my book already. Now, with the upgrades you made to the 2007 release you are so far out in front of other lottery picker software providers they should just through in the towel. They just can't compete with what you have.
  Thank you for the best lottery software on the market.

Robert Walker, NC

I use your software primarily for its draw checking and print slip capabilities - which are awesome. (I've got my own spreadsheet to analyze and pick the numbers.)  I was just telling my wife the other day..."I wish The Lottery Picker had import capabilities" and what should happen this evening as I prepare for the 30 minute drudgery of manually typing in my 60 plus numbers sets into the program?   An update is available.  In the back of my head I was wondering if just maybe, import had been added....BINGO!  Importing the numbers from Excel was a no brainer and saves me the most uncomfortable part of doing the numbers for our pool. YOU ROCK MAN!  (Our pool won $321 last week and was one number away from $600,000!)  A big win is coming, I just know it - and The Lottery Picker deserves alot of credit for the time its saved me in managing the numbers.  THANKS!

John Oathout, OK


 Your program worked on Windows Vista like a dream. Your program are one a few that were Windows Vista compatible and I wish to commend you for that. I couldn't use your print section, but that wasn't your fault. My printer companies, Canon and HP didn't have the guts to provide any Vista drivers.
Thanks again,
Bob Gray, NJ
I really love your program. It saves me several hours a week going over my hand written data. I just plug in my numbers and do simple comparisons. The test file I created to check how well the slip would read won $20. In the last three weeks I have won $110 and hope to win more.
Thanks for the program.

Clyde Long, NE

Of all the lottery programs I have tried, I believe you have created the BEST and easiest-to-use program. The Lottery Picker 2018 © has many great features. Numbers generated using the program would have won $500 or more...if I had continued to play them. My actual winnings, using the numbers from your program, total more than $100. Prior to using your program, the highest amount won was $4.00. Thanks for elevating my play!

Teresa Thompson, MD


Thanks Mark, the update was successful this time.

I wish all software providers were as customer caring as you. Of all the software people I deal with you are without a doubt the best. You're the only one that has the attitude " what ever the customers need".  Thanks for all the customer support you have given me over the last year or more.

Have a great day

Robert Walker, NC

To everyone,
This program is great. It is so easy to use. I love that it works with just the power ball and mega millions only. It makes things more simple. And the way it keeps track of your numbers and prints your slips for you is just amazing. I used to play quick pick because I did not like filling out the slips now I just load them in my printer and they are done. That alone is worth the price of the software.  I am very happy with this program( and I have used many) hope you like it too.

I know it takes a lot to build a program like this. I have tried many and they all seem to try to do way to much. Then they end up doing nothing well. Sort of like a Swiss army knife, they do every thing but sometimes you just need a knife. Keep up the good work. Even if I win nothing (like I do all the time and have to fill out my slips anyway) it will be worth it to get my slips printed. Thanks again,

John Sebring, IN

Thanks for an excellent program, it saves me the large task of manual statistical analysis.

Gerald Newman, NC

Thanks Mark,
I received the new serial number very quickly.
And thanks for coming up with the "import & export the printer settings". That should resolve my frustration at each new version update.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Robert E. Casteel, AZ

Thank you for your quick response.  I was able to download "The Lottery Picker 2018 ©" and it works great.
Thank you


Mark Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know what you've done with the program is GREAT !!!

Robert Walker, NC

Hi Mark,
Nice program and easy to learn. I even won $2 on Fridays draw.

Bob Just, NY

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