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The ultimate lottery utility software for use with Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries. Its more that just a number picker for lotto...
Learn how you can import and export number files. The results of your Powerball or Mega Millions calculations This is where your Powerball or Mega Millions picks go Whats all this stuff in the status bar? Learn how to print your Powerball or Mega Millions play-slips Learn about the many ways that this program can generate hot or cold numbers Compare your picks to POwerball or Mega Millions drawings and highlight matches... Automatically download & install Powerball or Mega Millions drawings numbers Make a new Keeper file to hold your Lottery picks. Randomize lottery numbers fast & easy... Load any Date Range of the Powerball or Mega Millions lottery database. Learn how to manually add your own personal Keeper numbers


Section Results
example 1
When you make any selections on the main form, the results of the calculations will be displayed here in this window which is called the Results Box.  When this box shows a row of numbers like shown at left, you can click on the number and it will be added to the Keepers Box (explained below).

example 2
This is known as the Keepers Box (example 1).  Any numbers you clicked on in the Results Box (shown above) will be placed in this box.  Also, any numbers you picked by hand using the Add Keepers Window or the Randomizing window or by any other means, will be placed here. 
This is the numbers you have chosen to play on the lottery.  Each set of numbers in this box will be saved under a different file name that you choose.  You will be able to load any file you may have saved by selecting the file name from the Drop-Down box in the top area of example 1 as shown at left with the file "Moms Numbers" loaded.


example 3
Once you have all the numbers in this Keepers Box that you want to play, you have many options.  If you Right Click on a number in this box you will see a list of available options as shown below in (example 3).
Also, if you right click on just the file name you have different options.
  In the pop-up menu in the above photo, you have the following options
1 "Copy Number" = Will copy the selected number to the clipboard for pasting someplace else.
2 "Edit this Number" = Bring up the add numbers window with the selected numbers loaded so you may edit the single row of numbers.
3 "Delete *THIS* Number" = Gives you the option of deleting the select number from the current file.
4 "Add Keeper Numbers Manually" = Gives you the option of adding your own numbers such as birthdays.
5 "Check These Numbers" = Gives you the option of comparing your numbers with lottery drawings to see what you have hit.
6 "Print These Numbers to Play-Slips" = Gives you the option of Printing the lottery play slips on the printer.
7 "Delete this Keeper File" = Gives you the option of deleting the file and all the numbers currently shown.
8 "Rename this Keeper File" = Will bring up a window where you can Rename the Selected File.
9 "Create New Keeper File" = Gives you the option of Creating a new Keeper File. Useful for friends of family numbers.

example 4
This is the status bar.  You will see this information change as you use your program.

This is the current date. If you hold your mouse over it, it will display the full date.


This is the number of Keeper numbers you have saved in the currently loaded file.


This tells you how many rows back you have clicked from the last drawing in the BIG white box containing all lottery drawings, when clicking to get a pick of average numbers.  It also displays the number you have clicked in the drop-down box #1


This tells you how many past Lottery Drawings you currently have in your database dating back to 11/1/1997


This shows you the date range of the past Lottery Drawings contained in your database.  It also changes to a progress bar when doing calculations.  The white circle on the left side of the word "Drawings" is a Database indicator. If you have the full database loaded then the circle is solid white.  If you have a partial database loaded, or a custom Date Range, the circle becomes RED as shown below. To learn more about loading a custom Date Range, read HERE.

example 4
Selecting this icon will log you on the the Powerball website by default, or any website you have entered into the settings window on tab 1.