NC Police Scanner 10-Codes & Fire EMS Scanner Frequencies
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NC Police Scanner 10-Codes & Scanner Frequencies PLUS NC codes and signals for Fire EMS

Scanner Frequencies, Police 10-Codes & Signals for Marion NC 28752

Help us keep this site up to date.
Let us know if you see incorrect information.  Let us know if you have additional information to add to this site.  Let us know if you know of other Frequencies that are active in McDowell County NC so we can add them to the list for others to use.  Any information that you may be able to provide about the Marion NC 28752 Police Codes, Signals, Frequencies or methods they use would help to make this McDowell's best quick reference site for scanner hobbyist and professionals alike.  You can also find frequencies for MAMA helicopter, WINGS helicopter, and others.

It is unknown if these codes are the same for Burke County - Morganton Rutherfordton NC Hickory Asheville Charlotte Winston Salem High Point Asheboro Raleigh Jacksonville Wilmington Fayetteville Durham Cary Greensboro Rocky Mount Greenville Gastonia.

These frequencies can be used in Uniden PRO series scanners from radio shack, Bearcat , trunking systems, Motorola, Alaron, Regency, Memorex, and Realistic.  Maybe even in Ham Radios. 1299,1636,1032, 780

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Police 10-Codes

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10-1Signal Weak10-34Time10-67Investigate Report Of Death 
10-2Signal Good10-35Out At Residence10-68Livestock In Highway 
10-3Stop Transmitting10-36Domestic Disturbance10-69Advise Present P/S Number 
10-4Affirmative (OK)10-37Trespassing10-70Improperly Parked Vehicle 
10-5Relay (to)10-38Homicide10-71Improper Use Of Radio 
10-6Busy10-39Assault10-72Have Prisoner In Custody 
10-7Our of Service10-40Fight In Progress10-73Mental Subject 
10-8In Service10-41Beginning Tour Of Duty10-74Prison or Jail Break 
10-9Say Again (Repeat)10-42Ending Tour Of Duty10-75Record Indicates Wanted or Stolen 
10-11Officer On Duty10-44Riot10-77Assist Fire Department 
10-12Stand By (stop) (wait)10-45Bomb Threat10-78Reckless Driving 
10-13Existing Condition10-46Bank Alarm10-79Child Abuse 
10-14Message/Information10-47Complete Assignment Quickly10-80Fire 
10-15Message Delivered10-48Detaining Subject/Will Expedite10-81Missing Person 
10-16Reply To Message10-49Drag Racing10-82Forgery or Fraud 
10-17In route10-50Accident - PI, PD, F10-83Sexual Offense 
10-18Urgent10-51Wrecker Needed10-84Juvenile Trouble 
10-19(In) Contact10-52Ambulance Needed10-85Civil Matter 
10-20Location10-53Road Blocked10-86Animal Bite 
10-21Call_________ By Phone10-54Hit & Run - PI, PD, F10-87Recall Service 
10-22Disregard10-55Intoxicated Driver10-88EMERGENCY 
10-23Arrived at Scene10-56Intoxicated Pedestrian10-89Non Emergency 
10-24Assignment Completed10-57Request Breathalyzer10-90Hospital 
10-25Report To (meet)10-58Direct Traffic10-91McDowell Hospital 
10-26Estimated Time10-59Escort or Convoy10-92Memorial Mission Hospital 
10-27License/Permit Information10-60Investigate Suspicious Vehicle10-93St. Joseph Hospital 
10-28Ownership Information10-61Stopping Suspicious Vehicle10-94Oteen V.A. Hospital 
10-29Record Check (warrants check)10-62Burglars Breaking/Entering10-95Grace Hospital 
10-30Danger/Caution10-63Investigate ____ At10-96WNC Hospital 
10-31Pick-Up10-64Crime In Progress10-97Rutherford Hospital 
10-32________Units Needed10-65Armed Robbery10-98Spruce Pine Hospital 
10-33Officer Down Needs Help quick!10-66Notify Medical Examiner10-99Broughton Hospital 

Police Signals

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Police Action Codes

Signal 01At Base/Sheriff Department
Signal 02Meal
Signal 03Report To Base
Signal 04Gassing Equipment
Signal 05Need Back-Up
Signal 06Call Home
Signal 07Equipment 10-7
Signal 08Equipment Involved in Accident
Signal 09Alarm Off
Signal 10At Residence
Signal 11Bomb or Bomb Threat
Signal 12Our Of Vehicle with Portable Radio
Signal 13Intoxicated Pedestrian
Signal 14Assist E.M.S.
Signal 15Dispatch Rescue Squad
Signal 16Dispatch Fire Department
Signal 17Equipment Back-Up
Signal 18Pin-In
Signal 19Package
Signal 20Officer/EMT Down
Signal 2110-8 Available for Emergency Only
Signal 22Dispatcher 10-7, Jailer Dispatching
Signal 2310-6 Investigating, Location Not For Release
Signal 24Dispatcher 10-8
Signal 2510-55 Operator
Signal 26Reserved
Signal 27Larceny
Signal 28Vandalism
Signal 29Any Previous Warning Citation?
Signal 30Drug Related Traffic
Signal 31Pyatt Heights
Signal 32Pinnacle Church Road
Signal 33Seagle Street
Signal 34McDowell High School
Signal 35West McDowell Jr. High
Signal 36East McDowell Jr. High
Signal 37Pizza Hut Parking Lot
Signal 38Switch To Mutual Aid Channel
Signal 39Contact Local NEWS Media
Signal 40License Suspended (S) / Revoked (R)
Signal 41Attempted Suicide
Signal 42In City Limits
Signal 43Contribute To This Page
Signal 44Keys Locked In Vehicle
Signal 45Dog Complaint
Signal 46Investigate Noise Disturbance: __________
Signal 47Contribute To This Page
Signal 48Community Policing: _______
Code AReport Submitted
Code BUnable To Locate Complainant
Code CUnable To Locate Address
Code DUnable To Locate Suspect
Code EUnable To Locate
Code FNo Police Action Needed
Code GProblem Settled
Code HAdvise Proper Agency to Contact
Code IContribute To This Page
Code JPerson Checked - All Right
Code KProperty Checked - All Right
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EMS Codes

Code PAssisted Officer / Back Up Officer
Code QCalled Handled by Other Agency
Code RUnknown (Crime Scene Report I think)
Code SMessage Delivered (person)
Code TMessage Delivered (note)
Code UContribute To This Page
Code VContribute To This Page

Code 1Extra Patrol: _______
OCAOfficer Case Number
POVPersonally Owned vehicle
CB-KeysCommunity Building Keys
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EMS Codes

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Code 01Alcohol AbuseCode 23Nausea / Vomiting / Sick  
Code 02Behavioral / Mental DisorderCode 24Newborn Transport  
Code 03Burn / Chemical / Electrical / ThermCode 25Overdose  
Code 04Cardiac / Chest PainCode 26Pain  
Code 05Cardiac ArrestCode 27Poisoning  
Code 06Chest TraumaCode 28Puncture Wound / Dog Bite  
Code 07Childbirth / DeliveryCode 29Respiratory Arrest  
Code 08Coma / UnconsciousCode 30Respiratory Distress / Chocking  
Code 09Contusions / AbrasionCode 31Shock  
Code 10Convulsions / SeizuresCode 32Spinal Injury / Neck / Back  
Code 11Diabetic - Shock / ComaCode 33Stroke / CVA   
Code 12Elevated Blood PressureCode 34Abdominal Pain  
Code 13FeverCode 35Anaphylactic Shock  
Code 14Fracture / DislocationCode 36COPD  
Code 15GunshotCode 37Eye Injury  
Code 16Female Disorder / RapeCode 38Diabetic Coma  
Code 17Head TraumaCode 39Heat Exhaustion / Stroke  
Code 18Impaled ObjectCode 40Multi System Trauma  
Code 19Internal BleedingCode 41Stroke Inhalation  
Code 20Laceration / BleedingCode 42Contribute To This Page  
Code 21LaborCode 96Dead On Arrival / Scene (DOA)  
Code 22MiscarriageCode 98Other-Sick / Check-Up / Catch-All  

Police & EMS Frequencies

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Sheriff DepartmentTone  North Carolina Highway Patrol  
155.010 McDowell Sheriff Dept. Dispatch

 167.9 PL

FrequencyCityDate License Granted 
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155.475 Sheriff

 167.9 PL

154.875 Sheriff Mutual Aid   
155.190 Sheriff Intercity/Tactical   
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City Police Department  
153.995 Marion City Police 103.5 PL 
158.850 Marion City Police103.5 PL 
154.130 Old Fort Police167.9 PL 
158.940 Old Fort Police 
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158.775 EMS Dispatch (Also referred to as SIMPLEX)167.9 PL 
155.160 EMS167.9 PL 
155.340 EMS to Hospital167.9 PL 
155.400 EMS to Hospital167.9 PL 
463.050 EMS Med 3103.5 PL 
463.150 EMS Med 7103.5 PL 
155.280 Rescue167.9 PL 
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155.040 Fire167.9 PL 
154.160 Fire Tactical 167.9 PL 
154.220 Fire Tactical 167.9 PL 
154.325 Fire Tactical 167.9 PL 
154.400 Fire Tactical 167.9 PL 
154.280 State Fire 167.9 PL 
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47.540 Emergency Management 
47.580 Emergency Management 
154.935 Services167.9 PL 
155.69250 Services167.9 PL 
860.96250 Services 
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45.200 Schools 
460.375 Head Start167.9 PL 
45.600 School Maintenance 
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