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Lottery Date-Range Selection - What Happens After Clicking It?

Step 3: These are the steps that take place after you select and load a new Date-Range from the lottery database

After selecting a new lottery Date-Range, this is what happens...

(Load the Database to any Date Range to base your calculations on)

This section picks up where page 2 of this help wizard left off.  If you haven't done so already, please start with page 1.

Photo: loading up a new lottery drawings database with a new date range

photo loading up a new lottery drawings database with a new date range.

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Here in this photo the user has clicked the Get Range button as was shown on Step 2 of this help wizard.

Some things that you will see happen after clicking the Get Range button after selecting a new Date Range are...

H - A yellow message pops briefly to tell you that a new Date Range has been loaded.

J - The Date Range in the Status bar has changed to show the exact Date Range loaded.  This is the only place that you can tell the true Date Range loaded into the program.  Do Not go by the Date Range boxes above it as in "G" of Step 2.  These boxes may show a Date Range not yet applied.

K - The information in the Results box has changed to inform you of the action that just took place.

Note: If the dates are not used by clicking the Get Range button within 8 seconds, then dates will disappear.

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