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LOTTERY DATABASE - Resetting Full Database Step 4

Step 4: Resetting to the Full Lottery Database to hold All Past Drawings

The Date-Range Loader works the same for both Powerball & Mega Millions lotteries

(Load the Database to any Date-Range to base your calculations on)

Here in this photo, the user has decided to go back to the FULL database.

Photo: how to select a powerball lottery date range

How to select a powerball lottery date range.

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In this example, the user clicked the Reset button to reload the FULL lottery database as shown in example "L".

The Data Range shown in the status bar "M" is confirmation of the true Date Range loaded.

Example "N" shows the Date Range boxes have been cleared and are ready for more input.

Example "O" displays a little message to show the new Date Range loaded, and Example "P" briefly displays a yellow message to let you know the change has taken place.

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