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Exporting Lottery Numbers

File menu showing Import/Export button

(Above photo) To Export your Number files from The Lottery Picker, on the Main window, go to the  file Menu  and select  Import/Export , or simply press  Ctrl+I  on your keyboard as shown in the ABOVE photo.  This will open up the Import/Export Wizard shown just below:

The Import/Export Wizard dialog box waiting for input

(Above photo) To start the Export process, click the radio button that says  Export File  as show above.

(Below photo) You will be presented with the file selection window as shown Below.  If this is your first use, the  Export Path:  box will be empty as shown below.  The first thing you should do is click the right button " Select Destination Path > ".

Select a destination path for exporting your lottery number files

This will open a folder selection window and allow you to select a destination folder where you can save your Exported files to.  Your selected path will be displayed in Red as shown at right (C:\Users\TestUser\... etc...).

(Below Photo) The path you select will be remembered by the Wizard and displayed in your next session of Exporting files.

this is the file export path you have choosed

use the check all button to export all lottery numbers at once

(Above photo) You should now begin the selection process in which you select the Keeper files that you wish to Export.  You can select them one at a time on the left, or use the quick  Check All  button to check them all at once.

confirm your lottery file export file path

(Above photo) Once you've made your selection, you will have to check the box to  Confirm Export Path 

confirm file save destination path for your lottery numbers

(Above photo) Once you've confirmed the path, the  Save  button becomes GREEN  Save .  Click  Save  to continue...


After you click the  Save  button in the step above, all your selected files will be copied to the destination folder you selected at the beginning of this page.  When Exporting your files and one or more of them already exist in the destination folder, you will be prompted to "skip" or "Overwrite" that file and each additional file that is found to exist.  If everything went well, you will be presended with the confirmation (shown below) giving the status if the export.

Your Export process is completed.  Click the  OK  button to exit this Wizard.

lottery file export process complete

Import Lottery Numbers

Export Lottery Numbers

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