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Import/Export Wizard: (Step 2)
Starting the file import process

Begin to start the file import process step 1

Now you can begin the Import Process which starts with this window (#1) above and selecting a number file to Import.

If you haven't done so already, please go read the section on Supported File types to familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot Import.

You will be presented with a window like the one above (#1).  Click the button with the Folder icon on it to open the "Open File Dialog box".  Browse for your lottery number file then select OK.  Once you have your lottery number file selected, the window will look like photo (#2) shown below.

This is the second stage of locating a file to Import.  This shows that you have already opened the lottery number file that you wish to Import.

Notice the yellow button labeled   Analyze & Import  .  Clicking this button will check the integrity of the file, and reformat it to work with The Lottery Picker 2019.  For more information on what this button does see Supported File types.

You will also see another option (photo #2) below the file path:  The check-box   Allow duplicate rows within the selected file to be imported?  .  If you check this box, the Wizard will NOT reject identical rows within the file you are importing, allowing you to import the same row of numbers within the file multiple times.  This was a requested feature added.

Leave this Uncheck [default] and any duplicate rows you may have accidently included in the file you are importing will be skipped or, no duplicate rows will be allowed.

Photo: Import file ready to analyze

If all went well with the integrity check after clicking the   Analyze & Import   button above in photo #2, your window will look like photo #3 below.

You will see some GREEN text telling you that the file Passed the integrity check and if any rows of numbers were rejected.  Also a green  Next    button appeared.

To proceed to the next step of the Import Wizard, click  Next  

Photo: Import file process complete

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Export Lottery Numbers

Supported File Types

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