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The Lottery Picker™ 2019

Import/Export Wizard:
Import Number Files using new file name

You have chosen a new name for the your Imported file.


Photo 1. shows the program waiting on confirmation.

Photo 1. You have typed a new file name in the previous section and all you need to do is click on  Next to save the imported lottery numbers.


Photo 2. shows Import is complete.

Photo 2.  This is a crop from the Main Window's Keeper Box.
After you click the  Next button above, your numbers are saved and instantly transferred to the Keeper box on the Main Window as seen here in photo 2.  The Yellow notice is briefly shown and you can see your new file name has been added to the list of Keeper files in the drop-down box just above the numbers.

Your lottery number file have been Imported.

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Export Lottery Numbers

Supported File Types

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