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Import/Export Wizard:
Supported file types for compatibility

When Importing files into The Lottery Picker using the Import/Export Wizard, there are certain rules you must follow to insure compatibly with The Lottery Picker.

First off, the files you Import must be simple ASCII text files.  In other words, they can't have any special formatting like bold fonts and the like.  Nor, can they be encrypted.  The program you use to generate your number file should be able to Export the file as a simple ASCII text file.  If not, please contact us.  If you can use Windows Note Pad to open your file and see the contents as plain text then more than likely you will be able to import it.  Microsoft Excel will export number files in many formats that are compatible with this Import/Export Wizard.

Each Number Line Format Requirements:
Your number file may only have one row of numbers of 6 fields per line (1 complete lottery number, that's 5 white numbers plus 1 money Ball number) followed by a carriage return or line break.  Each row of number must be on it's own line.  It may have a line number as the first field, making a total of 7 fields per row.  If 7 fields are used, the first field will be ignored and only the last 6 fields will be imported.  Also, the field format (be it 6 or 7 fields) must be consistent throughout the number file.  See the example below for more information and examples.
Our example file to the right is named tdTicket.tkt and is opened in Windows NotePad.  It uses the 7 field format as explained above.  Notice that the first field if each of the lines are numbered sequentially as they are only line numbers and will not be a part of the Import process.
All the different fields in each line must have something to separate them.  The Lottery Picker Import/Export Wizard will accept 3 different separators;  Commas, Spaces, or Tabs, or a combination of the three.
Looking at the Example to the right
Example 1. Has each field separated by a Comma. This is legal.
Example 2. Shows a blank line within the file. This is legal and will be ignored.
Example 3. Has each field separated by a Space. This is legal.
Example 4. Shows another blank line within the file. This is legal and will be ignored.
Example 5. Has each field separated by a Tab. This is legal.

Example 6. Has each field of the rest of the lines separated by Commas. This is legal.
photo of file showing Excel lottey number file formats, cvs, txt, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx
Each field may be either 1 or 2 digits. The wizard will format them accordingly as needed. So, either 2,8,12,14,16,9 or 02,08,12,14,16,09 would work for a row of numbers.
The Number range of the allow balls for the game you are playing must be consistent with the number file that you are Importing.  At the time of this writing, for PowerBall, the number range for the white balls was 1 - 69 and 1 - 26 for the PowerBall.  So if one of your rows looked like this 01,6,18,25,70,12 it would be rejected due to the number 70 being out of the range of the white balls for PowerBall.  The same is true for the PowerBall number.  The same is true for the game Mega Millions which has a different number range and is also checked.  The Import process will halt with an error showing the problem and the line number in the file in which it occurred.
You can not have two of the same numbers within the first 5 lottery balls.  So 01,6,25,25,51,12 would be rejected because the number 25 appears twice within the same line within the white balls.  The Import process will halt with an error showing the problem and the line number in the file in which it occurred.  But 01,6,23,25,51,25 would not be rejected because you can have the same number within the first 5 white balls and also for the Money Ball (Powerball for Powerball & Mega Ball for Mega Millions.
When the Wizard is Importing the file and doing the integrity check, it is also looking for lines of numbers that are duplicates.  If duplicate lines are found the program skips them and continues to import the file.  You will be notified of duplicates after the integrity check has completed.
The file shown above in the example would import without problems as it meets all the requirements for Importable Number Files.  As stated above, combinations of the exceptions are allow and handled by the program.

Click here if you would like to download and examine the file shown above.
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