The Lottery Picker™ 2019 - Program Settings: Auto check for program updates, Automatically check for NEW Mega Millions or Powerball drawings at program startup
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The Lottery Picker Main Program Settings

Program Updates:
(Auto check for program updates)
With this selected, the program will check for updates automatically each time the program starts.  To manually check for Updates, click Help from the Main window and select "Check for Updates".

Lottery Drawings Preferences:
(Automatically check for NEW Mega Millions drawings at program startup)-
(If you are playing Powerball this will say "Powerball" here) With this selected, the program will automatically check for past/new Powerball/Mega Millions Drawings each time the program is first started.  To manually check for drawings, click Lottery from the Main Menu and select "Add Drawing".

(Pop UP Tool Tips.)- Use to control some of the tool tips that popup when you hold your mouse over controls of the program.

(Automatically Launch browser when MANUALLY adding new drawing?)- When this is selected, when you click the PLUS icon from the Main Window to add a new lottery drawing, your default web browser is automatically opened and will logon to the Powerball (or) Mega Millions website homepage so you can copy the numbers.  The program will automatically check, download and add new any or all lottery drawings.  This was added incase the lottery website was down or there was something that would keep the program from downloading the numbers.

(Default URL for Lottery.)- This is the website address that the browser uses when you have the check box mentioned above checked, or, when you click the RED "" icon from the Main Window. By default it is set to the home page of the lottery website and is easily changeable.  You can change it to what ever you want.

(Number of loops before giving up Randomizing)- When randomly generating a large amount of lottery numbers such as for lottery pools, the program can sometimes take a while when it gets down to the final few possible combination that are left.  This setting will cause the program to give up and stop the processing if this number of loops passes (3000 shown above) since the last good number was found.  We have found 3000 to be a good default number but you might want to change it according to the speed of your personal computer.

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