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The Lottery Picker™ 2019 Sounds Settings

Click here to play sound for winning combinations Play Sound when I have a winning combination of numbers
When you check your numbers in the Matching Window, if you match the right combination of balls to win a prize you will hear a sound. From this setting (Sound Control), you can turn that sound on or off.

Image on THE LOTTERY PICKER Sounds Settings Window

There are TWO ways to turn that sound On and Off.  One is here in the Settings Control window.  Make sure it's checked.  The other is in the BLACK window itself where the winnings are actually checked.  There is a check box there as well.  Turning either one of these on (checking it) would enable sound.  Please note that you will only hear sound when you have a winning combination of balls that have been checked.

Click gere to play sound when new lottery drawings are foundPlay Sound when new drawings are found
Checking this box will enable sound when a new drawing is found and downloaded.

Click a Tab below to jump to more information on those settings

The program settings menu  the lottery settings menu for either Powerball or Mega Millions  The printer settings menu  The lottery pay-off settings menu  The sound settings menu

An Introduction The Lottery Picker Main Window

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