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2022 MEGA MILLIONS Drawings - January 24, 2022

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All 2022 Mega Millions Results, drawings and Jackpots

This is all 6 of the 2022 Mega Millions drawings along with Jackpot information
0 Jackpots busted totaling an est. $0

All 2022 Mega Millions Drawings

Draw Date Numbers MP Results (in Millions)
02/01/202203,29,40,48,70,19 x3Jackpot $396
01/28/202208,12,14,37,45,19 x3Jackpot $396
01/25/202219,24,44,46,69,01 x3Jackpot $396
01/21/202238,45,46,55,67,18 x2Jackpot $396
01/18/202204,19,39,42,52,09 x4$376
01/14/202205,08,13,22,48,25 x2$347
01/11/202202,03,19,52,58,16 x2$325
01/07/202207,29,43,56,57,06 x3$300
01/04/202204,06,16,21,22,01 x3$278
( BUSTED ) Denotes jackpots busted.
• Amounts shown are rounded to nearest Millions unless otherwise noted.
• All information is subject to human error, therefore we can not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
• The TOP Grayed-Out rows of numbers are "placeholders" for upcoming drawings and were not actually draw, they are for testing purposes only. However, they were generated using our proprietary "Double-Random" number generator and are free for anyone to use when playing the lottery. If you win, please cite our website as having generated your winning numbers. Good Luck!

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