Latest Release: 4/8/2024
Version: 21.2.5

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The Lottery Picker™ 2024
A Little History About Our Software

You are looking at a website for software to use as an aid for playing the two major multi-state lotteries; "Powerball, Mega Millions" (The Big Game). This is software that I original wrote for myself to compare my numbers to the numbers drawn by the lotteries for comparison. When playing the lottery, I play many numbers. I found it frustrating to go over my numbers by eye looking for winning combinations. So I wrote a program that will scan all my numbers and compare them to the drawn numbers. If it finds a winning combination in any of my numbers, it will highlight the matching numbers in red.

This worked really nice. I also thought it would be nice to have the winnings totaled up for me according to the combination of numbers matched. So I added that to the program as well. This was really great because I could check all my played numbers in just a second! Still, I found it easy to over look winnings even though they were highlighted in red and had a total beside them. So I added an audible and visual alert. Now when I have a winning combination of numbers they are highlighted in red, all winners totaled to the right, a sign starts flashing, and an audible sound goes off simultaneously. Now this really gets my attention… No matter how many numbers I play, and no matter how many winnings I have, I never miss a winning number.. And the best part is I don’t have to put any effort into it at all…. It’s all automatic.

As time went on, I continued to add features to the program. I got tired of scratching the Play-Slips with a pencil. Since my numbers were already in the database, I figured it would be nice if the program could go ahead and print them onto the Play-Slips. This was also added to the program. Now all I have to do is select my numbers, click print, and the printer spits out the Play-Slips already colored in, and ready to be scanned by the lottery machine. This really narrowed down the time and effort it took me to play the lottery. Also, it removed any human error that is bound to occur on occasion when doing all this by hand and eye. Computers are WONDERFUL aren’t they?

At this point I had a really powerful and accurate program that saved me a lot of time. But I always wondered which balls were picked the most for a given period of time. I also wondered which balls were never picked, and if the past winning numbers had ever won more than once. So I began to add these features to the program as well. Now, there are many different ways to make the program analyze past drawings. I also added a feature that would allow me to randomize the top drawn balls for a given number of draws back. Now I have a very powerful, fully featured program that is basically Point-and-Click operated. It even calculates the cost to play your selected numbers taking into consideration the play options and number of plays you selected.

I let some friend’s use it and they really enjoyed its ease of use and complimented me on its accuracy. After using it, they told me that they couldn’t ever do without it. They said that I should market the program for others to enjoy. So here it is, 21 years and many upgrades later, tweaked to perfection. More features were added over the years which are explained on this website. I give my registered users who have the UNLIMITED Tier package Free UP-GRADES for the life of the program (If you purchase that package). I offer free support via eMail and phone. I appreciate new ideas for additions or improvements. Any bugs reported are researched and if confirmed, they are promptly and accurately fixed to the standards of my customers, as well as to myself. REMEMBER, I use this program also.

If you are interested after reading this, then I invite you to read over the rest of the website to learn more about The Lottery Picker™ 2024.  I offer this software at a very affordable and competitive price, as you will see. Once you use this software, the way you play the lottery will change forever. The Lottery Picker™ 2024 takes the hassle out of playing the lottery.

I have not spent all my time to try and make a buggy program that half works with 5,000 different games. This program is written specifically for use with the Powerball & Mega Millions game ONLY! If you're looking for an overly/multi-complicated program, please look elsewhere.

Thanks for looking,
McCracken Software