Latest Release: 4/8/2024
Version: 21.2.5

PART 2: An introduction to:
"Main Window"

This is PART 2 of "Introduction To THE LOTTERY PICKER™ 2024 Main Window".  Please continue reading below the main photo to finishing learing about the features on the Main Window. If you haven't done so yet, you can read PART 1 of the "Introduction To THE LOTTERY PICKER™ 2024 Main Window first.

This is The Lottery Picker™ 2024 Main Window

Photo of The Lottery Picker™ 2024

The Tool Bar at the TOP of the The Lottery Picker™ 2024 Main Window

 TOP of the The Lottery Picker™ 2024

Titlebar showing the selected lottery state name This is where the State you are playing in displayed. You can change the State shown here by clicking the Print-Slip icon Image showing the State in play on the toolbar, Pressing F2 on your keyboard or, open the File Menu and click "Print Slips" to open the Printing Window then select your State from the list. This is for both Powerball and Mega Millions.

jackpot status This is the TOP center part of the Main Window.  This is the Jackpot Status of the currently loaded game (i.e. Powerball or Mega Millions).  This status changes as the Jackpot is updated, whenever there is a drawing close, the program is waiting on numbers, and even displays the numbers as soon as their available.  It also shows notification to alert you in the Windows notifications area if you leave The Lottery Picker™ 2024 running.

jackpot count-down timer And finally, this last section at the TOP Right side of the Main Window is a countdown timer showing the time span left until the next drawing of the currently loaded game.  Other information and notifications are shown here depending on what stage the drawing is in.

Main Window Database List - Introduction to The Powerball & Mega Millions Database

Image of the Database Window This is the lottery Database window.  This will contain the Database of Powerball or Mega Millions, depending on which game you have loaded to play.  You can delete numbers here by right-clicking on the top number and selecting delete.  You can only delete one number at a time and it will always have to be the top number.  If you "left"-click on any other number anywhere in the list.  An average line of numbers is generated from the point you clicked to the top, or current drawing.
Read about generating Average numbers from each column here. .

Changing Games From Powerball to Mega Millions & Vise-VersaImage: How to Changing Games From Powerball to Mega Millions

Just above the Database list box is this button.  Shown here it says "Mega Millions Loaded (Click for Powerball)"  If you click this button, Powerball will be loaded up and this button will change to say "Powerball Loaded (Click for Mega Millions)".  If you click it again, Mega Millions will be loaded back again.  This is just a quick way to switch back and forth between the two games.  You can also change games by going to the "Lottery" menu > "Select Game".  Another quick way to change the game is by using your function keys.  i.e. F7 will switch you to Powerball and F8 will switch you to Mega Millions.

Image: how to change colors of the Database Window This section in red gives you the option of changing the Background color (B) and Text color (Foreground color (F)) of the Database box.

Under the Database list box is the Date Range Loader location Located here (at the bottom) under the Database list box is the "Date Range Loader".

You may load any date-range you like to base your calculations.  Just enter the two dates you want to use, and press "Get Range".  Only those dates will remain in the Database window.

You can also use your mouse and click on the dates from within the list in the window.  Click the two dates from which you would like the range.  Those two dates will appear in the Date-Range Loaded section where you just need to press "Get Range".  If you do not press the "Get Range" in just a few seconds, the dates will be cleared automatically.  The range you load is not a permanent selection.  The next time you restart The Lottery Picker™ 2024 the full Database will be loaded.  You can also reload the full database by clicking the "Reset" button.

NOTE: You can always tell when a partial Database is loaded by looking at the indicator icon in the lower right of the Main Window in the status bar beside the displayed date range which is loaded.  The icon is RED Partial database loaded indicator  if you have a partial database loaded and a white circle Full database loaded indicator if you have the FULL database loaded. This provides a visual clue for quick reference.

Image: Settings section of the Database Window And finally, this is the Settings section of the Database Window.  Three buttons and an indicator (shown as a GREEN dot here).

The Display button:  Clicking this will display a text file of any numbers that were excluded from the loaded Database.  Why numbers are included & excluded from the database is explained in more detail in the next section just below.

The Hide button:  This simply removes this settings section from the Main Window for the current session.

The Settings button:  Clicking this will allow you to change the way the current lottery database is loaded.  This is explained in more detail in the next section just below.  You can also access these settings by going to the FILE menu and clicking SETTINGS then select the top tab LOTTERY SETTINGS.

If you want more details, here are the Lottery Database Load settings for Powerball & Mega Millions in more detail .

Image: Database indicator icon This GREEN circle  green database indicator icon here located just to the upper LEFT of the Main Window is an important indicator.  Sometimes it might be RED red database indicator icon , and sometimes it might be GREEN green database indicator icon as shown.

If you click that settings button you will find options to change this behavior and why it changes from green to red.

Let me try to explain; you are able to load and use the entire lottery database dating all the way back to 1997 for Powerball or 1996 for Mega-Millions.  However, every once in a while the lottery associations would change the ball matrix.  Lowering or raising the ball matrix can make some drawings in the database undesirable for some users.  Let's say the highest white ball you could use first went up to 88.  Then they changed the matrix and now the highest white ball you can choose is 75.  Some people would no longer want to use the numbers between 76-88 when selecting numbers based on past draw number algorithms.  Yet some would...

In the settings, you can choose to exclude past drawings that no longer fit in the current ball matrix of the current game you have loaded.

If you have chosen to exclude numbers which are now no longer in the current matrix, the icon will be GREEN: green database indicator icon

If you have chosen to load all numbers no mater of they fit the current ball matrix or not, the indicator is RED: red database indicator icon The RED is just a visual reminder.

This is the relevant setting talked about above after clicking the Settings button:
lottery database exclude numbers setting icon