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Latest Release: 11/9/2014
Version: 10.0.0
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Celebrating our 11th year!

TLP 2015© is HERE

Designed for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
both 32bit and 64bit platforms

Lottery Drawing Results

Powerball Results
Results PENDING tonights drawing...
Jackpot Now $40 Million

Powerball has only 80  drawings left this year (2015)

Mega Millions Results
No Jackpot Winners
Jackpot Now $20 Million

Mega Millions has only 79  drawings left this year (2015)

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**UNLIMITED Upgrade Tier $139.99
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*** LATEST RELEASE: The Lottery Picker 2015 v10.0.0b1 (BETA 1) ***
We currently offer two upgrade tiers:
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