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How To Understand The PB & MM Lottery Database

All the files in the Powerball or Mega Millions lottery numbers database contains all lottery numbers

How to understand the Powerball & Mega Millions lottery database - What are all the numbers in the BIG white box on the Right side?

This window list every lottery drawing since 11/1/1997(Powerball) or 9/6/1996(Mega Millions) in order according to date drawn (Unless you have a custom database loaded).

These are all the past drawings listed in order since 11/1/1997(Powerball) or 9/6/1996(Mega Millions).  This is the main database from which The Lottery Picker™ 2024 makes all it's calculations for your new picks.

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Here's how you read the numbers in this box (looking at the first row)

07,14,23,38,55,18  is the 5 Lottery numbers plus the Powerball on the end (18).
x2  is the PowerPlay number for this date (for the dates that had the PowerPlay multiplier).
11/21/2018 is the date of this drawing.

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