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The Lottery Picker™ 2024

The Lottery Picker™ 2024 Powerball & Mega Millions Lottery Software
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The Lottery Picker™ 2024 again voted "best lottery software of 2024" for the Powerball & Mega Millions lotteries.  Use this Powerball program to generate winning numbers by randomizing ball patterns using secret algorithms.  Also, print those numbers onto your Play-Slips, check all the numbers for winners, automatically download, compare, analyze and manage your lottery numbers and more.  You can even import your own numbers.  Winning the lottery isn't luck folks...  Commercial lottery software by McCracken Software

You'll be amazed as you learn how to win the lottery by picking lottery numbers that win on your own, not by some convenience store quick pick. We get lots of questions on how to win Powerball & Mega Millions and we've built it all into this little program.  It downloads lottery drawings directly from the lottery's websites and installs them onto the program for you.  It works with all states that support the Powerball & Mega Millions lotteries & holds the full databases for both.  At startup, the program automatically checks for new lottery drawings and program updates, & special messages from the author (this can also be done manually and turned on or off).

McCracken Software is happy to announce that we had two winning 4-balls matches, one each in June and July in 2019!

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5 Stars5 stars

I have used The Lottery Picker, for over 7 years, and will tell you it's the best program out there...

"I have used The Lottery Picker, for over 7 years, and will tell you it's the best program out there for my lottery pool needs.  I have purchase 4-6 lottery programs over the years and The lottery Picker, out performs all of them.  I manage a lottery pool of over 70 plus members and"... continue reading this review...

Richard Beatty, Florida

5 Stars5 stars

Thanks for elevating my play!

"Dear McCracken Software, Of all the lottery programs I have tried, I believe you have created the BEST and easiest-to-use program.  The Lottery Picker has many great features.  Numbers generated using the program"... continue reading this review...

Teresa Thompson, MD

5 Stars5 stars little brother came in, dancing a jig, ha, ha, saying I just won $30,000.00...

... "few minutes went by and Rickard Whiteker my little brother came in, dancing a jig, ha, ha, saying I just won $30,000.00 as the PowerPlay was 3 Wow! So, now he is getting a computer and buying The Lottery Picker (grin) but I"... continue reading this review

Stephen Cunningham, OK

5 Stars5 stars

The Lottery picker Is 4 Real And I'd encourage Anyone 2 Try It

"Using this system has brought my confidence back.  Last drawing I used 10 sets of numbers and I won"... continue reading this review...

Brandon Douglas, LA

Don't let the simple look fool you... This powerful lottery software program from McCracken Software™ was designed with simplicity in mind. The Lottery Picker™ 2024 is a clean, simple & easy to use point & click user interface, as everything is mostly automatic and is much more powerful then any Android, iOS, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, or phone App.

Check Powerball Numbers

...(all of them at once!)

Check Mega Millions Numbers

...(all of them at once!)

Voted The Best Lottery Software 8 Years Straight!

5 Star Award for The Lottery Picker™ 2024 Commercial lottery software for those serious about winning the lottery!
This Tried n True lottery program was designed for lottery players who play multiple lottery numbers at a time. Plus, it's guaranteed to be 100% compatible with computers running Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and even Windows VISTA, both 32bit and 64bit platforms! This is a fully functional, multi-threaded PC computer application for Powerball & Mega Millions and is intended to enrich your lottery experience.

Scan your numbers and let the program tell you if you have a winner!

Can a computer program check my lottery numbers? - This one can (Shown Below)!  It will take your numbers and compare them to the last lottery drawings (or all past). Matches found are highlighted in RED and your winnings are totalled for that winning number and totalled for all numbers that are found to be winners (it can check all your numbers at once no matter how many you have). See below for Powerball & Mega Millions use: "The Lottery Picker™ 2024" lottery software to check your numbers, print your tickets, calculate your winnings, best lottery numbers to pick, best lottery program.

We've posted a Video on YouTube, Check it out Video of how to check 1000 Powerball & Mega Millions numbers in 23 milliseconds and please Subscribe.

NOTE: The window here has a "Test File" loaded with known winning numbers played as an example.
With 10/7/2015 selected as an example to show you how this program checks and highlights your numbers (including the "PowerPlay" & "Megaplier"), and calculates your winnings. This example also multiplies all winnings for this date shown in the upper-right.  The "PowerPlay" has been checked In YELLOW.   This works the same on "Mega Millions" but calculates differently.

♥ At the bottom of the list of the 11 numbers in GREEN, is a Grand Total of all winnings.  ♥ Check your numbers against a different date by selecting a date from the box at the top.  ♥ Check your numbers for winners for ALL PAST drawings by clicking the button that says [Check Against All Past Drawings].  ♥ Although this example only shows 11 numbers, it could as easily have been 5000 or more.  There is no limit to the amount of numbers that can be checked at once nor a limit on the number of drawings they are checked against!  ♥ To learn more Check Your Powerball & Mega Millions Numbers

Download this Powerball & Mega Millions Powerball application (includes Mega Millions) of ours without hesitation and achieve all this (Download link at the top).  To read more about this feature packed, one-of-a-kind lottery system. Find out why some win, and some lose. Find out how some can play 100, 500, and even 1000 or more lottery numbers and still have time to go play golf or be with the family.  McCracken Software™ has the answers you need all wrapped up in this GREAT lottery software package called: The Lottery Picker™ 2024.  But in order to learn about this program, you are going to have to DOWNLOAD IT NOW!  If at anytime you decide that this program is for you and you want to use it IMMEDIATELY, you can always click the DOWNLOAD link located at the top of every page in this site.

This program comes with NO spyware, adware or advertisements of any kind.  This is the leading lottery program and the best lottery prediction software in 2024 of its kind on the internet because it's the best at picking Powerball and Mega Millions numbers that win.  It's not free, but we're sure that you will find it well worth the small fee that we charge for the 19 years or so of programming that have been put into this program as many many others do.  Our support is second to none and we do listen to our customers.  On occasion we add special features into the program as our customers request them, if the request will benefit the many other users.  If this is the type of program that you are looking for, we urge you to read further into this site for a more in-depth explanation of its many useful features.  We have what the others are shooting for...

Read our user testimonials to see why our friends and customers believe The Lottery Picker™ 2024 is the best 'lottery software' or check out the Reviews and Awards page.  Thanks for looking.