Dynamically load lottery database using The Lottery Picker™ 2019
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Dynamically load the Powerball or Mega Millions lottery database using The Lottery Picker™ 2019 | How to load any date range you like to base your calculations on.
(No other program can do this!)

The Lottery Picker introduces the ability to define and Dynamically load any Date Range from the lottery database which dates all the way back to the inception of the PowerBall & Mega Millions Lotteries.  Once a Date Range is loaded, all calculation done with The Lottery Picker are done based on that Date Range.

Loading a new Date Range is simple and quick...

Looking at example "A" to the left, if you just type in your Date Range in the two provided boxes and click the Get Range button photobutton, the complete window will be reloaded with just the lottery drawings within the Date Range that you specified. Also see the ShortCut to loading a Date Range.

Going back to the full lottery database is also simple and quick... Just click the Reset Database buttonbutton shown in example "A" to Re-Load.

You can even have The Lottery Picker startup using a specific Date Range that you Specify in the settings menu each time you start the program.  For instance, PowerBall Lottery changed the lottery ball matrix on January 15 2012.  Some players only want their calculation based on drawings made after that date.  This can be accomplished through the settings menu.  For more information on this, jump to step 5 of this Help wizard

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