Latest Release: 4/8/2024
Version: 21.2.5

PART 1: An introduction to:
"Main Window"

This is PART 1 of a two part introduction to "THE LOTTERY PICKER™ 2024 Main Window".  Read below the main photo to learn about the features on the Main Window.  You can read PART 2 of the "Introduction To THE LOTTERY PICKER™ 2024 Main Window.

Read below to learn what all the options on this window do.  Each are explained in detail to help you understand how to use The Lottery Picker™ 2024

This is The Lottery Picker™ 2024 Main Window

photo: The Lottery Picker

The Results Box | Receive messages and calculation results here. Click to save these numbers...

image of the Results Box
When you make any selections on the Main Window, the results of the calculations will be displayed here in this window which is called the Results Box. When this box shows a row of numbers like shown at left, you can click on the number and it will be added to the Keepers Box (explained below).

The Keeper Box | This is where your selected or imported numbers are saved into separate files

This an image of the Keeper Box
This is known as the Keepers Box (example 1). Any numbers you clicked on in the Results Box (shown above) will be placed in this box. Also, any numbers you picked by hand using the Add Keepers Window or the Randomizing window or by any other means will be placed here.

This is the numbers you have chosen to play on the lottery.  Each set of numbers in this box will be saved under a different file name that you choose.  You will be able to load any file you may have saved by selecting the file name from the Drop-Down box in the top area (shown here with the file "Moms Numbers" loaded).

The Right-Click context menu when clicking inside the Keeper Box

The Right-Click context menu when clicking inside the Keeper Box
Once you have all the numbers that you want to play in this Keepers Box, you have many options.  If you Right-Click on a number in this box you will see a list of available options as shown (explained in detail just below).  Many of these options are duplicated in the Main Window toolbar at the top of the window.  The right-click menu is a shortcut to those.  You will also notice a small settings icon to the left of the Keeper Box.  That too is a shortcut to many of the same options.

Also, if you right-click on "just the file name", you have more options.

The Status Bar at the bottom of the The Lottery Picker™ 2024 Main Window