Latest Release: 4/8/2024
Version: 21.2.5

The Lottery Picker™ 2024 Merge Keeper File Window

The Lottery Picker™ 2024 is the best lottery program on the market to combine your lottery number files, known as "Keeper Files" in The Lottery Picker™ 2024.

You can merge any or all files you have saved in The Lottery Picker™ 2024, even files you may have imported your Microsoft Excel or created by hand.

In this example, we are going to merge all the numbers contained in the files; "File1" and "File2" into a new file named; "File1andFile2-merged" then save that file to our Keeper box on the Main Window.  NOTE: File1 and File2 are deleted during the merge.

How To Merge Your Lottery Number Files (Keeper Files)

  1. With this window open, you will see all of your saved Powerball or Mega Millions lottery number files (Keeper Files) listed in the box on the far left of the window (Select Files To Merge: (2 minimum)).  All of the file names you select with a check mark, will be merged into a single file.

  2. As you select each file to merge, the contents of that file will be displayed in the second box from the left (Resulting Output).

  3. Once you're done selecting all the files you want to merge, you need to select a file name to save them into.  In the last list box at the far right side of the window, is again all of your saved lottery number files (Keeper Files).  You can choose to combine your selected files to an existing file from within the list (Select New Merge File (Optional)).  Alternatively, you can save the numbers into a totally new file name by typing it into the box below (or, Create a New File Name:)

  4. Finally, to complete the process, click the (Merge Now) button and the newly merged fill will be saved to your Keeper Box on the Main Window where all of your saved files are located.  The files you merged will be gone but the lottery numbers from within them are saved in the new file you saved in this step.

Merging your lottery number files easily, just click the Merge File icon

image: This is the Merage File icon Open the "Merge Keeper Window" shown at the top in one of the following ways:
1.) Clicking on the toolbar icon on the Main Window (shown left).
2.) Right-click on the Keeper Box and select (Merge This Keeper File).
3.) From the "Keepers" Menu, select (Merge Keeper Files), (also seen in the photo left).

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