Latest Release: 11/23/2018
Version: 16.0.052 Update 1
14-Day Satisfaction

The Lottery Picker™ 2019 computer lottery software for Powerball & Mega millions

Computer Software To Print My Powerball & Mega Millions Play-Slips

Print your numbers right onto your lottery tickets No Mistakes! No Mess! No Sweat!

"Thank you for the best Play-Slip printing program for Powerball and Mega Millions, it works like a charm!"

No calibration files need to be downloaded.  TLP is preprogrammed for each state that it supports when released although some minor adjustments may be needed due to all the different printer brands and their drivers on the market today.

No more scratching Play-Slips with a pencil... Why? this program prints your numbers right onto the Play-Slips for you!

All that is required is an inkjet printer that is able to load the play-slips from the side as the photo below illustrates.

Image of printed Mega Millions Play-Slip ticket

To print your Powerball or Mega Millions play-slips from TLP, Just go to the printing window (F2) and select your State (this is already selected if you selected it initially), Select the lottery file with the numbers you want to print.  Select other printing options as necessary for your State.  Load the Play-Slips upside-down into your right-aligned inkjet printer and click print and watch The Lottery Picker™ 2019 go to work!

Use the links below to learn how The Lottery Picker™ 2019 can print your PowerBall & Mega Millions Play-Slips

Printing Play-Slips Explained

Calibrating the print alignment

See what States are supported for Printing & Photos

Photo inserting powerball Mega Millions tickets into the printer for printing the numbers onto the Play-Slip