The Lottery Picker™ 2018: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

The Lottery Picker™ 2018 Tips, FAQ's and Features...
For use with Powerball and Mega Millions

1 - Does the program Download Lottery Drawings or do I have to add them by hand?
2 - What does the option; "Average #'s from the last [x] Drawings" do?
3 - What does the option; "Numbers drawn most each column" do?
4 - What does the option; "Find Lottery Numbers Never drawn" do?
5 - What does option; "Most drawn numbers complete row" do?
6 - What does option; "Most drawn balls for last [x] drawings" do?
7 - What does option; "Generate Random Numbers" do?
8 - What are all the numbers in the BIG white box on the Right side?
9 - I clicked in the BIG white box on the Right, what does that do?
10 - How can I tell how many drawings are listed?
11 - How does it know the past drawn numbers?
12 - Can I delete a number if I make a mistake?
13 - Is there anyway to find out if the same combination of numbers have ever been drawn twice?
14 - How do I quit the program?
15 - Why are my Numbers in the Keeper Box broken into groups of 5 if more than 5 numbers listed?
16 - How do I remove this program?
17 - How do I change from Powerball to Mega Millions and vise versa?
18 - Can I compare the numbers I pick to all past drawings to see how they've done in the past?
19 - How do I change the State Name in the top of the main window to my State?
20 - How to calibrate printer alignment print Powerball & Mega Millions Play-Slips
21 - Is the difference between the Download vs. the CD when ordering?
22 - Can I Import my own number files into the program, or Export them out of The Lottery Picker?
23 - Will future updates of The Lottery Picker© continue to work on Windows XP?
24 - Randomizing Most Drawn Balls - Clicking once in "Most Drawn Balls" it only generates one number...

If you have a Question not listed please ask it using the following link: Support/Questions