Latest Release: 4/8/2024
Version: 21.2.5

Statistics Powerball & Mega Millions lotto

You can get to this window by clicking this button: Photo of button going to The Lottery Picker Statistics windowfrom the main window of The Lottery Picker™ 2024.

From the row of Tabs at the top of the window, select the one titled: "Total Hits".
This page works in either Powerball or Mega Millions game mode and will reflect the game.  Below it says: "Select Powerball". If playing Mega Millions, it will say: "Select Mega Ball".

When working with and analyzing numbers to choose for your favorite Powerball or Mega Millions lottery game, it can always be helpful to have the ability go back and try to find patterns within past drawn numbers.  The Lottery Picker™ 2024 comes with many such built-in features, one of which is shown below.

In this window, it simply shows all the balls and their frequency drawn for either Powerball or Mega Millions depending on which game you have the program set to.  The statistics shown are based on the dates you see in the upper left corner.  The date range for the lottery database is changeable so you can narrow your results based on a specific date range such as the last year of drawings or, the last 25 drawings or, all the drawings from 11/6/2012 - 8/1/2013.  You can select any range you choose.

You can easily choose balls drawn the most, the least, never at all, or mix and match as you choose.  Clicking on any line will add that ball to your row of "Keeper" numbers shown in the lower left in the white boxes.  Once all 6 numbers in the "Keeper" list have been filled, click the button underneath to send that row of numbers to the "Keeper" box on the main window where the number is also saved to file, available to be printed or compared to past drawings for winning combinations.

The lottery (Powerball or Mega Millions) white balls are in the white side of the window while the RED side contains the Powerball or Mega Ball (again, depending on which game you are current playing).  I call this the Money ball.  The numbers in this example photo been intentionally distorted in order to protect the data displayed.  During actual operation, you will see true results as shown in the selected lines below.  Click on the thumbnails below to view other statistical windows.   White Ball/Money Ball Pairs | Red Ball Stats

Photo of Powerball Mega Millions Statistics

Click on the thumbnails below to see the other Tabs in this window.