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Randomize most drawn lottery numbers, EASY!

Random number generator is the best way to pick lottery numbers based on previous results

The use of this lottery software program - The Lottery Picker™ 2024

Use our top rated lottery number generator for Powerball and Mega Millions is the best way to pick lottery numbers

This is (below) one of our FAQ's demonstrating the use of the Random Number Generator.
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What does the button: "Generate Random Numbers" do?

This window shows the program making random selections based on the frequency of times drawn that can be specified by you.

It's a well-known fact that one of the best ways to pick lottery numbers is to take a wheel of the most drawn numbers and randomize them in to new sets of numbers to play.  Or, even take the least drawn numbers and randomize them into sets

For example:  let's say you want a set of numbers based on the fifteenth (15th) most drawn numbers in each column.  You would select "15th" as shown below in EXAMPLE 1.  The program will generate a set of random numbers based on your selection "15th" up to the 1st (or) most drawn numbers for each column and display a set of numbers similar to what is shown in the tan box below.

YES, if you select 15th, the program also uses 1st - 15th most drawn numbers and picks randomly from those.  This will give you many, many, many combinations of the top drawn balls.   The possible combinations for the range you select are displayed.

Now if you choose 1st. from the list, the output would be the same each time you clicked 1st. because there is no more numbers for the program to randomly pick from.  But if you choose 2nd, the program will randomly pick from the 1st and 2nd most drawn balls for each column.  This will generate many combinations of just the two most drawn balls of each column.  This is one of the greatest number picking features of The lottery Picker™ 2024 For a better understanding, read below.  (CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE)

Photo of picking lottery numbers using The Lottery Picker™ 2024 number generator

Above Is The Main Window Showing The Most Drawing Lottery Numbers Based On Past Drawings For The "Date-Range" Selected And Generated.

(Example 1): Below, the user has processed the generation of 15 Random numbers from among the 7th Most-Drawn-Balls of each column.  Notice the time it took down in the lower right hand corner of the screen (That is 147 milliseconds).  In this example, the user has selected 7 rows in order but in reality, you can pick and choose the rows by holding the "ctrl" key while clicking.  To select the least drawn balls to randomize, select a few of the rows closer to the bottom.  It's up to you!  (NOTE: Numbers shown are fictitious for demonstration)

Generate random lottery numbers using The Lottery Picker™ 2024. FREE Lottery Software

(Example 2): Below the user has randomized 15 numbers from his own file called "Moms Numbers".
Notice the time it took down in the lower right hand corner of the screen (That is 128 milliseconds).  This is a great lottery program to import your own numbers and use this window to randomize them into many different combinations of the same picks (wheeling).  Also notice the first row of "Moms Numbers" file has been clicked which placed them in the edit boxes to the left.  You can quickly make an edit or a complete change to that row and click Save to update that file from here...

Photo of The Lottery Picker Randomizing your own numbers

(Example 3): Below, the user has clicked the button green button: "Add Selected Numbers To Keeper Box".  The 15 numbers that were generated in the above photo have now been sent to the users "Keepers" file on the Main Window and saved.

As you can see, it will check the numbers and skip any that may be found to be a matching row.

Photo showing the statistics of the transport

(Top Example): The way the random works when the user has selected the option "Randomize "Most Drawn" balls" is…  Say you select (3rd), you will get randomly selected numbers made up of the TOP 3 drawn balls of each column.  If you continuously click 3rd. it will still be the first, second, and third most drawn balls but randomized.

If I keep clicking (1st), it keeps giving me the same number, why?
The reason the random numbers come up the same is you keep clicking in the FIRST (1st) or (a random of the 1st most drawn balls).  Since there are no more numbers to randomize with, the numbers can’t change.

Example of 1st most drawn balls:


Example of 2nd most drawn balls:



Randomized Results:
Randomized Results:
Randomized Results:
Randomized Results:
Randomized Results:



(Above) Randomizing the two selected rows shown above in RED, 504 combination are possible keeping the numbers in their respective columns.  Above, we generated 5 sets of numbers from the 1st and 2nd most drawn balls as shown above.  As you can see, it keeps the numbers in the correct column while each new row is unique.

Thus, randomizing the two Example rows above, the numbers (02 or 01) could only be used in column 1, numbers (14 or 15) could only be used in column 2, (27 or 19) only in column 3, numbers (42 or 37) only in column 4, numbers (49 or 48) only in column 5 and, the numbers (20 or 06 ) could only be used in column MoneyBall column 6.

This is just an example of randomizing the 1st and 2nd most drawn balls.  There are 504 possible combinations that could have been generated here.  No duplicate numbers will be generated.  This is very powerful!

This is pretty straight forward.  Looking at "Example 2", the user can select from the drop-down list any of their own files to Randomize.  In the Example 2, the user has selected a file named "Moms Numbers" and has randomized them in to different combinations.  If you notice the little boxes to the left and in the center of the window, you can tell that the user can also just type in some last minute numbers to be included in the randomization.  If the user clicks a row of numbers already in the file, they will be put into those same little boxes and can be edited and saved.

This is just some of the different combinations of numbers that will be generated from randomizing just the 1st and 2nd. most drawn balls of each column.  Just think of how many different combinations could be generated using the 15th most drawn balls.  It's mind boggling...  You can also select a range by holding the shift key and clicking the bottom and top of the range you want.  Further, you can (ctrl + click) and pick and choose your selections to include or just select one of your own files to randomize.

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