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Last 50 MEGA MILLIONS Drawings - June 12, 2024

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Last 50 Mega Millions drawings and Jackpots

This is the last 50 Mega Millions drawings
along with Jackpot information

Last 50 Mega Millions Numbers

Draw Date Numbers PP Results (in Millions)
06/11/202401,05,07,22,24,08 x4Jackpot $47
06/07/202403,05,12,22,66,07 x4$30
06/04/202419,37,40,63,69,17 x3BUSTED $560 * IL
05/31/202404,11,23,33,49,23 x4$560
05/28/202412,18,48,57,62,04 x5$522
05/24/202446,54,56,67,70,16 x3$489
05/21/202402,05,08,28,69,14 x2$453
05/17/202408,17,40,60,70,03 x2$421
05/14/202413,19,43,62,64,06 x3$393
05/10/202413,22,26,32,65,18 x4$363
05/07/202426,28,36,63,66,15 x3$331
05/03/202406,13,15,53,56,11 x2$306
04/30/202410,18,27,37,61,05 x3$284
04/26/202415,23,53,57,61,09 x3$257
04/23/202411,17,33,39,43,14 x4$228
04/19/202419,30,34,46,58,03 x3$202
04/16/202421,26,36,44,59,02 x4$178
04/12/202401,12,14,18,66,16 x2$148
04/09/202434,43,51,52,69,25 x4$120
04/05/202420,30,54,63,65,14 x3$97
04/02/202410,50,56,60,66,19 x3$67
03/29/202411,30,33,38,60,16 x4$36
03/26/202407,11,22,29,38,04 x2BUSTED $1130 * NJ
03/22/202403,08,31,35,44,16 x3$1.1B > $1.13B
03/19/202424,46,49,62,66,07 x2$977
03/15/202413,25,50,51,66,06 x5$875
03/12/202402,16,31,57,64,24 x3$792 > $815
03/08/202419,20,22,47,58,01 x3$735
03/05/202402,49,50,61,70,14 x2$687
03/01/202415,33,37,55,61,24 x4$650
02/27/202406,18,26,27,49,04 x3$607
02/23/202404,06,40,41,60,11 x5$563
02/20/202405,45,55,58,68,07 x2$525
02/16/202419,23,39,42,67,18 x4$493
02/13/202401,03,19,25,58,20 x3$457
02/09/202417,22,29,46,69,01 x3$425
02/06/202402,10,31,44,57,10 x4$394
02/02/202411,22,42,64,69,18 x3$358
01/30/202403,05,16,58,59,11 x4$333
01/26/202414,31,34,50,61,13 x3$311
01/23/202421,28,58,69,70,20 x2$285
01/19/202401,09,16,17,30,17 x2$262
01/16/202402,10,42,49,54,13 x2$236
01/12/202419,34,35,45,67,07 x3$208
01/09/202412,15,32,33,53,24 x3$187
01/05/202405,23,26,38,44,25 x3$165
01/02/202403,18,27,29,64,01 x2$140
12/29/202311,27,30,62,70,10 x3$114
12/26/202308,10,22,58,64,21 x3$92
12/22/202310,26,36,54,69,04 x4$73
Amounts shown are rounded to nearest Millions unless otherwise noted.
( * ) Indicates jackpots busted.  All information is subject to human error, therefore we can not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
Mega Millions Numbers Never Drawn Above:

The following 2 numbers were NEVER DRAWN within the last 50 Mega Millions drawings shown:


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