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POWERBALL Payout Settings
Lottery Picker™ 2024

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Shown is the Payout amount for the different winning combinations of balls.  These Payout settings are the same for Powerball & Mega Millions though, the Payout dollar amounts are little different for each.

The numbers in the boxes represent dollars.  For example: on the bottom where it says "Powerball (or) Mega Ball" (depending on the game you're playing), the white text box has a "4" in it telling you that if you hit the Powerball by itself you will win $4.00.

All these entries are accurate except the top "JackPot" Payout.  Sense this is a variable amount, it starts at (40 million Powerball)-(40 million Mega Millions) and grows.  It is initially set at the minimum lottery starting point mentioned above and has a PLUS sign on the right side of it.

The buttons work the same way as mentioned for Lottery Settings Tab.  Disabled by default and only the buttons you need at the time are visible.  The photo below is the same window as above except the EDIT button has been clicked, exposing other buttons.

Why does the program need these settings?
When you are checking your Keeper numbers against the drawn lottery numbers, the program is able to calculate how much you won according to number of balls it detected that you matched.  It does this on the Matching Window.  This is one of the greatest features of The Lottery Picker ©.

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An Introduction The Lottery Picker Main Window

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